005: VHS AND CHILL 15 @ THE ALIBI 05/11/17

The continuing digital detox returns for number 15!

Straight from the original vhs tape, we screen Mamoru Oshii iconic 1995 anime classic 'Ghost in the Shell'. Viewed as one of the first major cyber-punk crossovers from anime, GITS is a sci-fi crime thriller that tells the story of a future [2029] where technology has advanced so far that cyborgs are now commonplace and human brains can connect to the internet directly. Major Motoko Kasunagi an officer in Section 9, an elite, secretive police division that deals with special operations, [counter terrorism and cyber crime] is on the trail of the Puppet Master, a cyber criminal who hacks into the brains of cyborgs in order to obtain information and to commit other crimes.
Read what the late Roger Ebert had to say about GITS back in 1996.
"The film is set in the next century, when humans coexist with cyborgs, who are part human, part machine and part computer. The Puppet Master describes itself as “a living, thinking entity who was created in the sea of information.'' It once occupied a “real'' body but was tricked into diving into a cyborg, and then its body was murdered. Now it exists only in the electronic universe, but is in search of another body to occupy -- or share.“Ghost in the Shell'' is not in any sense an animated film for children. Filled with sex, violence and nudity (although all rather stylized),it's another example of anime, animation from Japan aimed at adults--in this case, the same college-age audience that reads Heavy Metal and other slick comic zines. Anime has been huge in Japan for years but is now making inroads into the world market; this film was co-produced with British money and includes a song performed by U2, “One Minute Warning,'' which runs nearly five minutes under apocalyptic images." ~ Roger EbertApril 12, 1996
Special guests
Cas Cassette [beat tape set]
Oliver Palfreyman [beat tape set]
DANIEL P [dj set * Acorn Tapes]

Host Lo-Fi Odysseys

We're pleased to have Voodoo Ray's on board supporting VHS and Chill. They’ll be offering a 20% discount on selected pizzas for all attendees, just collect your token from us and enjoy solo, share with friends or with well wishers.

8PM - 2AM
E8 2PB

December will be our final installment in our #005 catalog VHS and Chill series [sniff sniff], what a journey, so many great memories and people caught on tape, but alas, all good things must come to an end and we're working on a new series to bring you in 2018, become a subscriber to find out more!