BLACK. [is a culture] is number #007 in the Soul Labels catlog in collaboration with the Vulnerable Podcast.

We'll be screening Daniel Oduntan's 2015 odyssey 'BLACK. [is a culture]' as a full length audio/visual piece. Read what Dynamic Africa had to say about the challenging 90min mix back in 2015.


New Lo-Fi Odysseys uses music to explore the black diaspora, black culture and experiences within white/western societies. | 2015

"On Daniel Oduntan’s Facebook page, he boldly and briefly describes the genre of music he makes as ‘soulful sagas’. Considering the multi-layered sonic journey his music and mixes induce, he’s not too far off in this description, especially when it comes to his most recent offering.
Titled BLACK [is a culture], operating under the musical moniker Lo-Fi Odysseys, Oduntan has put together a passionate collection of audio clips that expressively speak to global black experiences in some form or other. The 20-track mix contains music from both UK and USA Jazz and Soul artists such as Alice & John Coltrane to Courtney Pine, Leo Thomas to Light of the World, Gil Scott Heron to Jean/Doug Carn and Don Blackman. Some of Oduntan’s own productions feature in the mix too and his sister has a beautiful re-work of Kendrick Lamars’s ‘Alright’ too. Adding another dimension to the mix, Oduntan revisits the work of Lee Mun Wah’s two films ‘The Colour Of Fear’ and 'The Last Chance For Eden’ plus 'BLACK BRITAIN: Rise Of Racism In The UK’ from the BBC archives, and many other clips from tapes he dubbed off TV/radio/online sound recordings."


We'll have Vulnerable Podcast founder Allysa Rochelle hosting a Q&A after the screening.


6PM - 9PM
ELAM [East London Arts & Music]
45 Maltings Cl,
Bromley By Bow,
London E3 3TA