ALAN EMTAGE by Chiizii

Invented the first search engine

Giclee print on 310gsm Hahnemühle fine art paper


(16.5" X 23.4")
41.91 CM X 59.4 CM

(11.7" X 16.5")
29.6 CM X 41.91 CM

A2 £55
A3 £45 
[Edition of 50]

While working as a systems administrator in the School of Computer Science at McGill University in 1990, Emtage created a program called “Archie”. Derived from the word “archive”, it was designed to help teachers and students to find software more easily on FTP sites. This program was effectively the world’s first search engine, or what the man from Barbados calls the “great great grandfather of Google”. At the time, the internet was hardly the money spinner it has become, so he didn’t bother to patent his idea. Emtage is blasé about the past but he deserves to stand among other founding fathers such as Sir Tim Berners Lee. He is currently Chief Technical Officer at Mediapolis, a web engineering company in New York.