Daniel Oduntan
Founder/Creative Director

Daniel is a curator of culture and a self-styled polymath. His inquisitive nature and interdisciplinary approach to creativity has led him to explore the politics of sound, the power of the image and the space between. Nominated for Best British Emerging Artist by the Mica Gallery in 2012, he has produced everything from portrait photography and audio documentaries, to film rescores, collages and commissions for the likes of the V&A. Daniel’s starting point is the soul of the narrative – its truth – not the medium.

Amar Patel

Amar is a multi-disciplinary journalist, copywriter and mentor with more than 12 years of experience covering the arts, technology and lifestyle. He has directed content programmes and managed teams for brands such as Lexus, O2 and Straight No Chaser. Amar has a knack for unearthing and crafting a good story, and knows how to bring it to life through written features, on radio and in documentary film. Community and diversity really matter to him. With Soul Labels, he hopes to make real connections through shared experiences, using the arts to open minds and bridge divides.

Rochelle Robertson
Youth Engagement
Rochelle has been working with young people since the age of 17 when she co-founded a street dance company. After completing a degree in youth work and community, she spent time gaining experience with local councils, community centres and social enterprises in Birmingham. Rochelle currently works at ELAM (East London Arts & Music) while also developing her career as a podcaster and freelance consultant. She loves the concept of Soul Labels because it’s art before ego. People can discover the origins of and connections between many art forms through our platform.

Jayson Wynters

Mr Wynters first cut his teeth making garage records in Birmingham, coming up on underground radio to established club nights. A highly accomplished international DJ, his sets encompass everything from jazz to techno. In 2016 he released his own productions on Mr G’s Phoenix G imprint, only the second artist to be invited to do so since the label started in 1999. At his core, Jayson is about life experience and real emotions. Family, films, books, travel, Shaolin … he pours it all into everything he does.

Sean Montgomery Dietz
Musical Director

Now approaching his tenth year as a sound engineer, Sean is a wizard in the booth and on stage. He can write, produce, record, mix, arrange, sample and plays a wide range of instruments. Of Peruvian Irish-American heritage and raised in Los Angeles, his music interests are boundless. Over the past six years he has been learning about Congolese and Nigerian music, and exploring the connections between indigenous artists and those in corresponding diasporas. It’s the outsiders that fascinate him and through Soul Labels he hopes to both acknowledge their significance in the past and their ongoing importance.

Kevin Luckhurst

An enthusiast since his teens, Kevin would always be the one taking photos at gigs and with friends and family. Through Mr Bongo Records in Brighton, he had the opportunity to capture press portraits and document concerts by the likes of Terry Callier, Lekan Babalola and the 20th Century Steel Band. He’s a man of many talents though, and aside from being a highly skilled DJ, Kevin has spent the past few years producing floor fillers on Wolf Music and becoming a successful acoustic engineer. Next, he would like to go deeper into the craft of photography and explore the full spectrum of creativity with Soul Labels.

Dan Fontanelli

Dan explores the human psyche and why we create, blending the observational with the staged to produce compelling visual narratives. He’s done this successfully for a wide range of clients – from Bentley Motors, Themes & Variations Gallery and the Wallace Collection to FACT magazine and Nation of Billions. His aesthetic draws on analogue photography, technical macro videography and cinematography. He wants to put the soul and social consciousness into as wide a range of projects as possible, and he’s particularly excited about helping fresh talent to work with respected brands and institutions.

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