005: VHS & Chill /
September 2016  - December 2017

Pitched as an informal networking and digital detox night for creative folk, VHS & Chill has quickly become a popular monthly hangout. Host Lo-Fi Odysseys plays a winning combination of beat-tapes, cosmic jazz, soul, Afrobeat and other vibrations in the basement of The Alibi. Meanwhile … anime, nollywood, music docs and associated grainy home made visuals play on screen.

But it’s the new talent showcase that really makes waves. Beat producers such as Scott Xylo and Schizm have travelled hours to play live sets, while songwriters Ruth-Ellen and Synead have performed tracks, and visual artists like Chiizii and Dorcas Creates have shared their illustrations. There’s even been time to talk projects and productivity with Signatures magazine and the Part-Timers collective.